When is the draw opening time?

It depends on which result you refer to, Usually all draws are held on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Starting time vary from 6pm for Singapore, Sabah & Sarawak and 7pm for west Malaysia (Magnum Toto Damacai).

Lottery results time-table, you may use this as reference.
1) This is based on our system average date/time, It might change from time to time.
2) Start time is based on official result started to "blank".
Magnum 4D7:10pm7:35pmWednesday,Saturday and Sunday, Special draw on selective Tuesday
Sports Toto 4D7:40pm8:00pmWednesday,Saturday and Sunday, Special draw on selective Tuesday
Sports Toto Jackpot7:05pm8:40pmFollow Sports Toto 4D date
Damacai 1+3D (PMP)7:05pm7:25pmWednesday,Saturday and Sunday, Special draw on selective Tuesday
Cashweep 4D6:45pm7:25pmWednesday,Saturday and Sunday, Special draw on selective Tuesday
Sandakan Turf Club (STC)6:45pm7:15pmWednesday,Saturday and Sunday, Special draw on selective Tuesday
Lotto 88 4D6:00pm7:15pmWednesday,Saturday and Sunday, Special draw on selective Tuesday
Singapore Pool 4D6:00pm7:15pmWednesday,Saturday and Sunday, No special draw (very rare)
Singapore Pool Jackpot6:45pm7:15pmMonday, Thursday, Friday 10pm for spacial date, i.e Chinese New Year

What is live, what is auto update?

4D88 currently featured live/realtime result with auto update.

  • Live result or real time mean the results will be update par with official page but with assist of visitor pressing "refresh" button (or page refresh every 5 mins).
  • Auto update in 4d88 mean results will be automatically fill in without page refresh. As we observed in 4D results aggregator sites, 4D88 is the first to introduce auto update. Good news for visitor to cut internet data and reduce reload of advertisement.

Do 4D88 results accurate?

We will manually check plus computer check to make sure the end result (after 8:05pm) is correct, accuracy is very important to us.

Where is 4D88 official Facebook link?

For Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/my4d88/
For Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/my4d88

Just remember the magic keyword "my4d88".

Do 4D88 control any of lottery results?

NO! we do not operate illegal lottery, We collect latest 4D results from goverment approved & legal site and display all of them in 4d88.com.

Do 4D88 sells lottery or online betting?

NO! NO! NO! we do not operate black market lottery and we do not accept any fund or advertisement that promote online gambling.

Why there are advertisement in 4d88?

We wish to provides ads free site, you may find our site having less ads by comparing to other similar sites, but somehow zero ads is not possible because we have to maintenance more than 10 servers in our hosting infrastructures and pay the cost for buying latest results.

Do 4D88 send email result?

We do not send lottery result via email for now.

What happens if I received email from 4D88?

Do not click on any link/image in email, also please report to us (email:admin@4d88.com), we will never send you email with links, images or phone number to call.

Do 4D88 chat box collect visitor data?

No, we are not interested to collect user information and we do not have database to keep track every chat. Everything displayed in our chatbox is all we had collected.

Why my chat message went missing?

We had implemented keywords and spam control, Please make sure you do not spam the post with your phone number and excessive words, our robot will remove all your message in one shoot.

Can I claim my wining number with 4D88?

You should claim your prize with your lottery operator, If you purchased your lottery from legal operator (Damacai/Magnum/Sports Toto/CashSweep/Lotto88/STC), you should able to claim it at any branch within Malaysia. So feel free to buy Toto in Penang and claim it at Johor.

What should I do if somebody call me and inform that I had win 4D/lottery?

This is absolutely a scam! A lottery operator will never wish you to claim the wining money (as they can save the $$$ for next draw). If somebody so eager to give you money, there must be some agenda behind.

What is 4D88 4D Analyzer?

It is a hit rate counter that based on a certain period. Back to 2012, 4D88 introduced a counter that counts for ~20 years records, but resulted in all numbers have quite similar hit rate (24~30), also some high hit rate number are not allowed to be purchase at lottery outlets. So based on our experience, by limiting it to 90 days records, we believe this is the better hit rate counter.

4D88 Special pick number vs analyzer?

Analyzer is just a simple counter while 4D88's special pick number is based on heavy calculated ranking algorithm which took consideration on many statistical factors.

Accuracy of 4d88 loction search?

Our store address are sourced from official site and we use google map to plot our places, So there's is possibilities that google map are outdated or 4D agency change their shop location. It is good to double verify the real location with google street view before you start your trip.

Is 4d88 related to Lotto88?

Short answer is NO, although we both are "lottery" related but we do not have direct connection with each other. 4D88 is unique name and does not link to Lotteries Corporation Sdn. Bhd (a.k.a Lotto88 or locals calls "88"), some other site might use 4D88 to refer Lotto88, but their purpose is to cheat SEO and misleading visitors.

Chat ID, FixID (Facebook login)

Always remember we do not keep your profile in system, Any important information such as IP or oAuth login, we will enforce hash encryption into meaningless code.

FixID authentication in chatbox

We had to enforce login for chatbox to reduce spam.

Why my chat was replaced?

- We have auto algorithm to detect and remove offensive keywords and spam message.
- Also we will replace anything that looks like phone number to reduce illegal activities.

Why I can't login to chatbox?

This mean you being permanently banned from our system.